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The European market is limitless.

Philippine products and services are slowly but surely entering the European scene. Clothes and accessories, shoes and bags,health and beauty products, food and kitchen utensils, to name just a few.

As a tourist destination. In Europe, most particularly, in Scandinavia (rather funny) the Philippines is dubbed as "the next Thailand". Europeans are now looking for alternative places to spend their holidays and their Euros. With Thailand still getting over a 15 million share of tourists a year, and the Philippines just getting a little over 3 million share of tourists a year, there is gigantic work left for us to do to market and make known the Philippines as a top tourist destinations. 

Organized local package tours in the Philippines should be arranged for the European market. Travel agents, airlines, resorts, hotels, bed and breakfast, golf courses, eco-tourism, health and wellness facilities, beauty & medical packages should be included. Cultural exchange projects can be organized and offered by schools, universities, companies and other institutions. Short term courses on Philippine culture, art, music, language, etc. These programs should be made available to complement travel and tourism especially for the second and third generation Filipino-Europeans who want to know more about their roots.

Personal Investment
With the first generation of Filipino-Europeans now reaching retirement age and looking for alternative places to spend their long-term and/or winter holidays in the Philippines, there is a large group of potential investors and buyers in the fast expanding property development industry.

The European market is full of great unlimited, untapped potential for Filipino products, services and talents. Roots&Wings is an excellent platform to market and make known all of the above.

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